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Originally Posted by JD View Post
What's the specs on it?

I re-pasted mine, not overly hard to take apart. It helped a bit, but not a huge difference like some people. I can't recall the temps off hand, but I don't think mine exceeds 102C.

What are you running on it to hit that temp?
Specs: i7-7700k, no OC + 1060
If I take it apart I invalidate the warranty. But apparently they can be with me on the phone during the reinstallation of the heatsink and the warranty will stay.... now if I could only convince them to go that route.

Temp program: Prime95 - Small FFT test

Originally Posted by FreeKnight View Post
The one non-work supplied Dell laptop I owned was a 15" in around 2001 that was thermally shutting down after about 20 minutes of gaming. It'd start heat throttling and then die. Twice it got sent to Dell's repair techs and twice it came back with the same problem. It took me another 2-3 months of fighting to get a refund IIRC. I hadn't bought another Dell product until my Alienware monitor this year. I still won't buy a dell laptop or PC.

Maybe they've changed, but it was a bad enough experience I'm not considering going back.
Yeah, this whole experience has seriously made me hate Dell tech support.

The most recent conversation I had with them was me telling them flat out that the temperature differences between the cores is an Obvious sign of a badly installed heatsink and that I would gladly do the repair myself if it meant keeping my warranty. Instead, the manager I spoke to (since level 1 techs ONLY know how to go through a checklist and don't posses any brains of their own) said the following when I asked him what further troubleshooting I need to do to prove the heatsink issue:
Dell Manager: "I dont have that information"
Me: "You're telling me I need to go back to one of your techs to do even more troubleshooting steps but you can't tell me what those missing steps are?"
Dell Manager: "I don't know what the steps are, you need to speak to a technician".
Me: You have screencaps of the two hot cores hitting 94+ and 96+ respectively and one of your techs reinstalled every driver on my laptop, and you still have no idea what else can be done?"

I Laughed in his face and hung up. Maybe I'll call again tomorrow and try to get through to someone higher up. Didn't we used to have a Dell guy here in the forums somewhere? Oh well. At least someone higher up will hopefully be able to manage English without mumbling or having a massive accent.
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