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My System Specs


So I briefly tried it, as in tried to try it. I never did manage to get into a game. First it tested the network and said it was not good enough, not sure why maybe a bad spot of latency? Then it tried again and this time I got to it loading a screen that was at 1920*1080*60Hz and it opened steam. But then when I tried to play a game that I owed it asked about installing it, and at that point I held off cause I'm not sure where it would be installing said game. Considering it didn't list my steam folder locations properly I'm guessing it was not trying to install it on my machine, but if not then where? And as it was it took multiple tries just to get that far. I had to alt-tab and close it multiple times because it was not responding. My internet while not the fastest out there, isn't shabby at 100mb down and 30 up.
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