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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Anandtech's article said late October or November, but no confirmed dates from ASUS from what I can find.

Not sure what feature set you're looking for, but these are 3 others that are available:
Thanks for the links! I should've specified my feature set earlier. I'm primarily looking at:
Integrated Wi-Fi
RGB backlighting on the board itself
Good VRMs

I've looked through them from Anandtech as well, but all the listed ones have its "quirks".

Asus TUF Z390M - 3 audio jacks only instead of 6 (Speaker setup, but prefer not wiring from fp_audio header). Unknown VRMs as of yet.

MSI MPG Z390M - not really a quirk with the specs itself but with MSI themselves, horrible bios imo on their z370, and personal experience with the reliability of MSI motherboards is somewhat short.

Gigabyte Z390M - Missing RGB backlighting, but somehow its missing Wi-Fi. Not sure why there are pre-made holes on the I/O shield for Wi-Fi antennas but doesn't come with it.

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