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Default 2k or 4k for edit and game?

Hello everyone.At this moment I finally got my pc after months of research and savings.

I have i7-8700,asus tuf pro gaming h370,16gb ram with no gpu and monitor yet.

My concern is this do i pick a 4k monitor or 2k?

I use it for photoshop cc,illustrator cc in future some light video editing.And i also game both console and pc.So i want best image for edit and game with the maximum card i can afford in the future gtx 1080.I have found one that suits my needs (lg 27uk600,650,850)but i was hoping if someone could tell me if a 2k is a good option too and more affordable than this one.Also tell me if im going to have problem with scaling because iam using photoshop,illustrator 2015 versions.Thanks a lot.
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