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My System Specs

Default Wireless Headphones / headsets

I need to go wireless (my pet parrot has taken to eating the wires - I have fixed them but that is a pain)

I do have a bluetooth / wifi card in my new Ryzen build. the card is a Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I and has Bluetooth 4.0 LE. and seems to work with my Fluid soundbar, not so well with my cheap Tzunami headphones.

I find that many headphones (or headsets?) are USB dongle bases and not bluetooth.

I want good sound (but don't need the audiophiles top grade - my ears are 64 years old. My preferred music is celtic - as in bagpipes and other folk music, or classical.

I also play sim games, flight simulators, rail simulators, race cars, and a few simple games, like Pinball. Not into killing games.

build quality matters to me.

RGB - meh? whatever
but must still function while charging. I don't like the idea that phones are dead when charging.

size doesn't really matter, intended to be used only at my PC . I have some simple wired ones for my laptop I used when away - but seldom does my parrot travel with me so wires are safe on the road. Then size matters and a simple set works.

I seldom need a mic, and do have a usb mic I can plug in if needed, but if comes with mic, that's ok, but not mission critical.


bluetooth vs usb dongle.

and which one.

some I'm looking at
Logitech G933 (strong recommendation from a user I know), or simpler G533
Pioneer SE-MS7BT-K
Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Bluetooth or .... many others

Fort Kent, Alberta

2012 - A10 Rig
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