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I just love (read sarcasm) how Apple seems to add things to their products and present it as if they invented it through some mystical mix of magic and alchemy. When I heard on the radio this morning while driving to work that they were (tech reporter's words) "bringing AR to the masses" I almost went off the road rolling my eyes! I don't deny that they make a nice product but the whole thing gets so darn tiresome. I was also a little pleased to see that Essential Phone beat them to the punch with changing the shape of the top of the screen to accommodate sensors, camera etc. In reality they do introduce things to the masses in one way because so many people buy iPhones. I just don't like the presentation of the tech that totally ignores the fact the other devices have had the same or similar tech for months beforehand.

Perhaps Google will do something equally showman-like and silly with their new Pixel line launch but I'm hoping not.

And yeah... glass. I don't really get that one either. Cool looking I suppose?
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