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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 486 View Post
*snip* ... just like Romeo and Juliette. Damn both of your houses, oh cruel AMDontecchi, prideful NVidiapuleti.
Well done, very well done *clap clap*

I searched around a bit and there seems to be lots of questions about a Phenom 2 1090t bottlenecking a 970 but no one saying it flat out won't work.

Did you try Arinoth's different slot suggestion or was the 970 in the same slot for all your tests? The 7770 was likely in the same slot though so that's a long shot.

Perhaps it is Gigabyte/Phenom 2 1090t/970 combo issue as opposed to just Phenom 2 1090t/970?

Also you said you had that finicky BIOS issue, did you update the BIOS?
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