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Behind the GS63VR could find the dual ventilator and ďSTEALTHĒ naming with three red designed lines to highlight its racing scenario,
and also the efficient exhaust capability has been managed.

The dark-purple pad has been placed at D side with certain range to prevent the scratch, which little bit feels like suede.
In the picture you could find more exhaust wholes at the button. Dual speaker holes are set in upper side.
Specification of the battery is 3-cell with 64.98Wh, packed inside the machine and itís not attachable design.

The power adaptor features 180w, little bit smaller than HP 200w.
Beside the specification and the performance of this high-end gaming laptop been ranked, the slim exterior appearance and weight,
even the design of the power adaptor are all with high mobility and delivers great convenience to mobile workers.

Not only the hardware specification of 3C products are getting more and more important but also the application software been adopted.
MSI Dragon Center is developed and exclusive by MSI, itís on fleek with page layout and info graph.
You can find App Portal on upper left and shows all the related and installed apps.
System Monitor can show the main hardware status.

System Tuner
Itís the adjustment page for VR Technology, hardware performance, cooling fan speed or panel lighting level.
Five savable profiles at the left to be used by different purposes.
X boost is the feature to enhance the USB or Storage access capability.
Later will change the Shift function to Sport mode for performance testing, to see how high the GS63VRís performance could reach.

MSI True Color 2.0 Color Adjustment software interface
Itís kind of outstanding color adjustment software among personal sharing regarding to high-end gaming laptops or professional graphics laptops.
On official website it describes the cooperation with Portrait Displays, Inc, all the production pieces have been adjusted its color appearance before shipping out.
Before only the famous brand from Japan named EIZO has almost the same process to make sure the most precision color.
We can say MSI had studied hard and put efforts on panelís color appearance with all the things mentioned above.

Six color modes have been provided in the application, itís enough for different usersí scenario.
More color adjustment options are offered in Designer Mode, to deliver more choices for graphics designer or visual specialists.

Itís still lots of adjustment options in Gamer mode.
The color precision of screen will be changed by the environment, the coordination of hardware and software has done so well with MSI.

Steelseries Engine3
It provides the lighting management, macro key setting, and virtual keyboard function.
The keycap is certified by Steelseries, though itís not as good as the tactile of mechanical keyboard,
but this GS63VR has been better than previous generation and even than other laptops.

Positioned as gaming laptop, the GS63VR adopts Killer Gb LAN and Killer 802.11 a/c WiFi.
Both Ethernet and Wifi combine as Killer DoubleShot Pro, to advertise its great capability in reducing the internet ping value by 30%.
Also, it reduces the jitter during the internet transmission, offers smooth quality during the streaming or gaming.
Personally has some feedback for the interface of Killer Network Manager regarding to the layout and artwork design.
As a huge brand of internet chipset, Qualcomm can make it a better design than an old school one now.
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