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My System Specs


Here's how I'd handle it.

Laptop 1 - diagnosis - 1/2 hour. Data recovery - $x amount per DVD, like $20. "I'm sorry but after cleaning and reassembling your laptop it's confirmed dead. However, I was able to recover all your family photos. I've only charged you for 1/2 hour diagnosis and the time spent saving your pictures and burning DVD's for you. I'm sorry your machine is dead, maybe try to keep your new one away from the kitchen table?"

Laptop 2 - Parts and time spent so far, tell him about the hinge/cable and warn him that it will die again soon unless he spends more to fix the hinges. And give him a firm price to fix the hinges and cable.

He's into you for probably $200 between the 2 already, so don't be surprised if he decides not to do the hinges. And you're not handing him just a dead laptop 1, you're handing him the memories he had stored on it. Those are valuable.
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