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Question How to charge for weird repair scenario

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but....

I've been doing light repairs and computer work on the side for over 5 years with excellent results. I've been able to speed up/fix everything....until now.

Guy gave me two laptops:

1) spilled milk on a $700 HP. No boot. I told him it is probably fried, but would take a look, and do data recovery if possible.

Outcome: after opening it up and cleaning residue off the motherboard, it still doesn't boot. It powers on, and fan spins up, but black screen. I've pulled the hard drive and am about to burn 4 dvds worth of photos. What should I charge? If it had booted. I would have charged $120.

2) $400 HP with busted hinges, no boot due to busted fan, and flaky display due to hinge fraying the display cable. (The guy didn't mention the display part)

Outcome: installed replacement fan ($10 - ebay) and it boots/works fine. I haven't given him options on the hinge/display cable. If it was me, I'd just drill through and bolt the hinges down, and replace the display cable. If I did this, how much should I charge? This one was a pain because the fan/heatsink had to removed, cleaned, fan swap, new thermal paste, etc.

I'm really conflicted about how to charge. "no fix, no charge"? I don't think so, but I've never handed someone a dead laptop and asked for money. (Although I DID tell him that there was a good chance that it was DOA).

Any advice extremely appreciated!
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