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My System Specs


Does anyone know about the LGA771 to LGA75 mode for the Xeon processors? Do you think getting an E5450 makes sense? They are about $50 on ebay but mostly from China sellers.... some explicitly say they did the mod already (some even mention you don't need a bracket. Huh? What's that about?). I am wondering what you can use for a heat sink. Can you use the same ones for LGA 775?

Another reason I started thinking about these is that they apparently run cooler. Also, 80 W vs 105 W (for the Q6600). Summer is coming and even if I reseat this Q6600.... I still might have some temps issues? I need to reseat it soon. It's showing 45 - 50 C on idle and high 50s/low 60s on load. Also seen high 60s on load just with a lot of tabs open. I tried a stress test and it went to low 80 in seconds...well, it didn't take long (I didn't time it exactly).

Should I use Artic Silver 5 or Artic Cooling MX-4? I read a few debates on this and many (ppl) said the MX-4 is better since the AS5 takes longer. I will need thermal compound no matter what I do - whether I stick with the Q6600 or buy a cheap cpu. I thought maybe $60 isn't too bad to invest in this old system as long as I don't spend any more $$. :) (compound not included). I could also try to sell the Q6600 for $20 or something to get some of the $ back?

What do you think? Good/poor idea? Good or meh?
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