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Question Overclocking QX6700 (in a dell xps700)

Hi guys, Ive recently decided to finally overclock my qx6700 in my dell xps700 to squeeze a little more life out of her until I save enough cash for a new build .

So as far as i can tell the only option i have for overclocking in the bios is to change the multiplier . Aside from that im forced to use ntune in windows. Ntune only allows me to mess with the fsb and ram timings , it also only allows access to ram voltage .

I simply bumped the multiplier to 11 and got 2.9... ghz oc . I used cpuz to stress the cpu at 100% load on all cores for about an hour. From speedfans point of view three of the cores averaged a tempurature of 65c while one ran slightly hotter at 70c.This is with my xps fans at nearly 100% rpm .

So i then decided to bump the multiplier to 12 getting a 3.2 ghz oc . The temps raised by 4c after about an hour at 100% load. So then i decided to play around with 3ds max and render a test scene . The temps got 1c hotter at 100% load and then when i minimized max (with the render still running) and tried to open a web browser i noticed the load drop to 70% and then the pc shut its self down and rebooted.

Now im assuming it just reached max temp and shut its self down .Or from what ive read (im a total oc noob btw) it could be that the cpu isnt getting enough juice .Thing is i dont have access to the cpu voltage settings . So since the only thing im assuming i have control over is cooling ive come to a conclusion .

Considering the stock xps700 cpu heat sink and fan are far from your normal cpu setup (i believe) i dont think buying another air cooling device will make much of a difference. So ive searched around and custom water cooling setups are too expensive for what i want to spend on such an old machine .

Im looking to spend max 100$ and so far Im only finding closed loop devices like the corsair h60 that are less than 100$. Also, finding something compatible with the lga 775 socket is a challenge.
Installation of these coolers will be a pain as well because i need to remove the motherboard to install the backplate.

Long story short do you guys think a device like the corsair h60 will do any better at cooling my cpu for oc purposes and is worth the hassel ?

Thanks for any input you might have !

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