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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
In fairness to NZXT this isn't something that can be laid at their feet specifically, it's something that's common to most mainstream manufacturers of mITX cases.

The prodigy is what... something north of 25L? The fact that they released a mATX version without changing the dimensions says it all.

I'm not looking for a super tiny mITX case, and my 380T is not a small case by any means but I think the industry is focusing on the wrong things when they're building mITX cases.
Bitfenix Prodigy is 36L. 26L is without the handles, but they count... that space is taken up regardless of how you want to spin things... just like the NZXT S340 is not 36L as advertised.. that is without the feet being calculated, which puts it probably around 42L-44L and very close to the FT05.

Your 380T is something along the lines of 40L if I recall correctly.

Originally Posted by FreeKnight View Post
Agreed. It's not the only mITX case that's a bit beefy. However, here's a difference between M1 micro-case and 'unusually large for an MITX', and I think this is the later.

Although our NZXT rep was happy to lug it around, I'd want something much smaller (or at least with a handle at that size haha) for a LAN case, but that's a really niche section of the market so I don't think it'll affect NZXT's sales much. Judging by the pics I'd guess it's roughly 2/3 or 3/4 the size of an H440. My H440 is sitting right beside me and even at 2/3 that's a sizeable bit of kit to lug around.

Gave the review another read and I still stand by my original reaction. Nice styling, and will attract some people just from the aesthetics, but not for me, and I'd guess (coupled with the opinions being expressed here) not for most.

That finish though! I'm really liking the matte color. Almost makes me wonder what my H440 would look like if I redid the white in matte.....
The fact that other large ITX cases exist is not a good explanation for making one that is even bigger than them. This is bigger than the Prodigy, 380T, and the recently announced Nano S.

When you think of the fact that the NZXT S340 houses an ATX board and is potentially smaller (volume) than the Manta, that's absurd. I think this actually showcases how efficient the S340 design really is, if anything - a case I have owned and really liked, btw.

Making a case larger than all other competitors that is the same volume as the FT05 (an ATX case) and saying it is "great for lan" speaks to an incredibly large disconnect with the SFF community, but I as I already mentioned before, this is clearly for another segment - one that I will never understand.

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