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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
No offense man, but this stuff your selling is worthless.
Originally Posted by Jackquelegs View Post
1. Don't call something a person is selling crap, if you don't like it, don't buy it, and let people who have something productive to say post their opinions.

2. If you don't like the prices, contact the admins of HWC, but I would say the prices are perfectly reasonable, and shipping is mandatory for far away places DUH

Originally Posted by Jon_di2 View Post
It shouldn't bother you, there is nothing terribly wrong with his sale. Some things are a little overpriced... For instance the power cables have over a 160% mark up on the price from directcanada, which is only around $1.85 (not sure exactly on the coversion rate of USD-CDN)... but still, it should be lower.

2) Two power cables
-Connects an outlet to a computer, monitor, printer, etc...
-3-pin Shroud Female(IEC-320-C13) to 3-prong Grounded Plug Male(NEMA 5-15-P)
-Both like new, unused
Asking price: $5 USD each
I'm assuming it's 6 Ft.. and if so, at DC it is $3.22 CN
Jacqueleg, im not the only one calling this crap. if u think crap is worth something, i would go see a doctor right now.

Also, if u think a 160% mark up is reasonable, i would go consult a doctor as well.
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