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Originally Posted by MattyMatt View Post
Yeah, problem is I can't exactly afford to lose money because of school, which is why ideally I would want to trade them for a 980 Ti or one of the cheaper VisionTek Fury. That with cash, I wouldn't feel so bad and wouldn't feel the hit. If I could find an amazing deal on a 980 Ti or Fury X, then I wouldn't care either. But haven't seen anything so far

I pretty much impulse bought them. Got them from the states, got screwed by the seller shipping UPS instead of USPS, so my savings was more or less tax.

The problem is that it's not about whether you can afford to lose the money, it's about whether you'll be able to sell the cards at that price. What we're saying is that if you actually want the cards to SELL and you get some money back, your price is probably too high for this board. Put them up on Ebay and see what response you get. After all, you bought them for X dollars so hopefully they will sell for the same amount.

Also, if the Strix was to go up for sale the price would probably be the same or more as the MSI which it outperforms, not less. Don't hold your breath for a $700 980Ti, it's not likely to happen soon.
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