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My System Specs


Hmmmm, so damn. I need someone to buy both of my 780ti's (I wonder what they would be worth now) then I can move to these. Two of them should do nicely. But then again whether or not my wife approves is another matter all together.

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I know you said this was going to be a real product launch, but did I miss an actual retailer release date?

Call me jaded, but I'm concerned about what kind of country premium we'll see over and above the exchange rate.

That said.... those are some pretty impressive numbers. :)

I'm also worried what the actual Canadian price will be. I mean the cheapest 980 at Mem Express is $740. Not the $550 it was in the US. So I'm thinking prices will be $800+ depending on the different OC models we see.

Oh and Sky, I wish you had included the older 780ti numbers in there. I think there are still a bunch of us that have been waiting for this card to upgrade and would be nice to see the numbers. That said still a great review, thanks.
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