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Thanks, I actually was thinking of going with 2 memory kits to make 4GB, but i read somewhere that Windows OS' only support up to 3gb.. i'm guessing that was for pre-vista setups. I was also confused about the card blocking thing.. i looked again and found it on a review:

Cons: I've only got 1 9800 GX2 installed and it runs great with the board. Problem I noticed is that if you want to run SLI there will be issues with the power and USB connections to the motherboard at the bottem. Connections are perpindicular to the board and don't allow enough room to install a 9800 in the bottem PCI-E slot. Will have to mod the connectors to get them to work...same goes for the 3 temp sensors. No joy with 2 of 3 using the recommended (slot 1) PCI-E for the 9800.
So i'm not sure. Most likely the person is just crazy, but i wanted to run it by someone again to see
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