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My System Specs


Somewhat, but remember the R5 has a three speed fan controller as well. Not as advanced as the PWM to 3-pin controller of the Enthoo Pro, and without splitters only handles 3 fans (I believe) but still works no problem.

I think if you compared all of them, the only real differences are radiator capabilities. The Enthoo Pro is the only one that can handle an actual 200mm radiator in front if the disk cages and front side plate are removed, and this could help noise levels too.

The window will make a bit of a difference, but with all things being equal, your components have a greater impact on sound level than the actual case. Any case with a number of high speed fans can only do so much.

I think the Arc Midi R2 is also quite good, as it has a nice top fan filter. The Enthoo Pro has this too, but it's a mesh filter which isn't quite as good as keeping out dust as the Arc Midi's multi cell foam type filter.

In terms of differences, the R5 will be the most silent, the Enthoo is probably the most flexible (as you can buy extra SSD sleds for the back of the motherboard tray and one can even be a 2-in-1 for up to 3 drives back there), and the Arc Midi is the smallest and the most dust free.

Looks are subjective but I've had all three cases, and consider them all to be attractive enough to sit on a desktop.

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