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When you OC a 9xx series (and 7xx series in fact too) it doesnt take into account the 'boost' boost actual clock speed. Yeah, that makes sense right?

The cards will run at a certain level, but that doesnt mean what you OC to is what the card will run at in game. The best way to see this is something like Afterburner while in game. For example, my 4G gaming runs at 1550 in game, but my OC is only +133mhz (maybe its +150, I forget exactly) over stock MSI 4G clocks. The likelyhood of your numbers vs the articles (1253-1366) is that your 1420 OC is running at ~1530 in game, give or take.

That being said, just because one card reaches a level doesnt mean your card will too. Welcome to the silicon lottery!
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