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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Worst case scenario is that it will allow us to price match with Newegg on Ncix now.
Heh, the same Skymtl from NCIX forum. That's most likely going to be what most ncix's "loyal customers" will do just like we do most of the time with DC. The only reason I would order on DC instead of price-matching through NCIX, would be to use the bonus of having free ground shipping on a order of 300$ and over, cause on NCIX its ridiculous to pay 2500pts and often the shipping is more expensive. Like they don't have the "Ground Shipping Promo 10$" that DC have.

Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
Today NCIX is in the same league for prices, egg just has more selection.
Exactly. So I'm always going to buy on NCIX and price-match, unless there's an item that only NewEgg have, or if they offer cheaper shipping for an item at the same price.
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