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My System Specs


To be honest, I think we are hitting the limits of silicon here. The 10-15C is mostly to allow for maybe another 0.25V increase in total voltage before you hit the point where the CPU starts to throttle itself.

I mean take for example your typical 2500k/2600k owner from 2011. Imagine now if that CPU were able to get to 5GHz (ex: good luck on silicon lottery). Would that person have any reason to upgrade to Haswell, even with Devil's Canyon? I think not.

I think it's time to ask, will people on Sandy or later ever "need" to upgrade barring some radical new advance?

Pretty much the only thing that Intel can do to entice people is to add more cores. That only works for things that use more cores. That and maybe the new instruction sets, which will take years to proliferate.

As for the average person, well, for the web, some Word documents, etc, an old AMD K8 is more than adequate for that. The only thing that I might see being an upgrade is maybe an SSD.

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