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My System Specs


Then there are the 28 PCI-E lanes which had us scratching our collective heads since this is a layout which won’t allow buyers to run two graphics cards at full x16 speeds. Without that capability and unless having those 12 threads is an absolute necessity, gamers may as well turn towards the Z97 platform which is less expensive and whose higher end processors will run circles around Haswell-E in games. More on that later but for the time being we have to question the elimination of one of Haswell-E’s primary selling points for enthusiasts.
Thank you for this review. The above information is the kind of stuff that makes HWC's reviews better then other sites; laying out exact thoughts in black and white that people should be questioning about a product.

The overclocking section was also a breath of fresh air, and emphasis of my previous point was demonstrated also. It is interesting to see a site state;

by using less intensive stress tests we were able to extract another 200Mhz from the processor. However, the real bonus is that temperatures never even reached the 70C mark. Furthermore, as long as we weren't running Prime 95, LinX, or IntelBurnTest, stability was never an issue. None of this excuses the fact that the i7-5960X is potentially a hot as hell processor, but at least you can look forward to a decent overclock without burning a whole through your case.
I believe that's a first Ive ever seen someone outside myself say "Eh, good enough for day to day use." So many people online claim something asinine like 'if it wont Prime95 for 24 hours it aint an overclock!'. Well sorry chump, if I can game on it for an evening without crashes its stable.

A great review Sky. I'm looking forward to the DDR4 57xx chips to see what RAM does with the next gen of IGP performance. Maybe intel is on track to overtake AMD's IGP crown?
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