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My System Specs


Case with sound dampening material will help in noise reduction but you'll have to take into account other parts that may contribute to more noise. The real goal here is to make a passively cooled PC or at least keep the number of fans to a minimum, no more than two and preferably one. Since you're not overclocking nor do you intend to play games with it, get the latest Core i5 4690. You don't need your old GPU for this build as the Core i5 4690 is better than the GeForce 6200 and sufficient for your intended use.

To make it passively cooled, you will need the Thermalright HR-02 Macho. It does come with a fan but you can opt to go fully passive with it. Then get the Seasonic X-400, which is a fanless PSU. Lastly, do not use any HDDs. It can vibrate enough to create an audible hum in a very silent room. Its best to just use a 256GB SSD as its only drive and if extra space is necessary, external USB 3.0 HDDs that you can detach when not needed.

Finally, for the case, Fractal Design Define R4 without window. The stock fans are sufficient to cool these passive components and you don't need more. The fans are rated at a maximum of 1kRPM, which isn't loud. But if its still audible, get a low speed adapter or replace the fans with ones that spin at 700RPM or less.
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