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Default Router setup for new place help

Ok so im moving to a new place in a few weeks and i have a few questions. I have a lack of knowledge when it comes to internet and networks, so im asking you guys so i can know what to expect.

The place im moving to includes internet in the rent price and the router is on the main level of the house (where the landlord lives,) and i can just go off their wifi. I know that will be fine for all my stuff, but i do have the Nvidia shield (amazing device btw,) and it requires my Asus RT-N66U (dual band router, the shield requires a 5ghz nework.) Also, my desktop needs to be hooked up with a cable to the router for it to work flawlessly.

So my question as for my shield and desktop goes: can i just create a LAN network with my router to support the shield, and while doing that can the shield and desktop also be connected to the wifi for internet connection? So the desktop would be using the wired LAN port and a usb wifi stick, and the shield would just be over the wifi.

Another question is could i just somehow connect my router to the wifi and use that as another router emitting the same wifi signal? Hope that makes sense.

And lastly could my landlord get a second modem and have it hooked up on my floor while still having it on the one same service? The ISP is shaw.

It would be nice if one of these worked, then i could save 60$ a month for paying for my own separate internet. Thanks for the help.
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