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My System Specs


...or maybe, just maybe, are almost all the benchmarks optimized more for Intel that for AMD processors, witch in end mean, that the first time someone write engine for AMD FX processors, it will make then shine and everyone is caught by "surprise."

Not to forget that this is just a preview and the Mantle will be a gamechanger in all aspects. If the FX CPUs shine now, wait till they go utilize the hardware using Mantle multi-cores approach.

I'm not a AMD fanboy, in fact, I type this text on intel, but I'm not blind either. In many games the AMD cpu's (that are much weaker in many other tests compared to Intel offerings) score surprisingly good (eg. much faster that they should be scoring, when judging by the systetic benchmarks), so there is a potencial that is looking to be unleashed.

Witch is why AMD "wasted" two years on Mantle.

Of course, cooling will be a issue :D
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