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My System Specs


Joy! I did not know that! Sounds like someone wants to make games without all that nasty blurring!?

Edit: Would that be system or graphics ram? Or both? I don't know how consoles use ram.

Edit#2: Ah! It seems your right! Pretty impressive for a console wouldn't you say? Though, I question the use of DDR3 rather than GDDR5. System memory is quite a bit slower than dedicated graphics memory.

The Xbox One has an APU with eight x86-64 cores, based on the Jaguar architecture from AMD, and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM with a memory bandwidth of 68.3 GB/s.[5][26] The memory subsystem also features an additional 32 MB of "embedded static" RAM, or ESRAM, with a memory bandwidth of 102 GB/s.[27] Eurogamer has been told that for simultaneous read and write operations the ESRAM is capable of a theoretical memory bandwidth of 192 GB/s and that a memory bandwidth of 133 GB/s has been achieved with operations that involved alpha transparency blending.[28] The system includes a 500 GB non-replaceable hard drive,[29] and a Blu-ray Disc optical drive.[24][30][31] Kotaku, Game Informer, and Gizmodo state that 3 GB of RAM will be reserved for the operating system and apps, leaving 5 GB for games.

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