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Default Nice review

I didn't have any issues loading it in Chrome, but I don't employ ad blockers.

Nice, in-depth review, SKY. I like your conclusion because you stuck to your enthusiast leanings.

It is definitely a competitive CPU out of the box, and after my disappointment in Haswell, would take this direction as it is also a great Virtual Machine cpu. I'd pair it with some speedy RAM and see what that would bring performance-wise.

Your TOC entries 15 and 16 in the index drop down read 4770K versus FX-9350 though.

I'm seeing the FX-9370 en masse over at NCIX for $350.00, which seems to be a real sweet spot for what seems to be a pretty decent CPU before overclocking. Up and down versus Haswell in performance for a similar price.

The 9590 is a halo tech-demo product for those water cooling nutjobs that buy multiple syringes of coollaboratories liquid ultra like junkies. But for me the asking price of north of $700.00 is too extreme. I fall into this category lately (component, WC and CLU junkie) but it's the FX-9370 that's definitely on my radar.

My only dislike of the 990FX platform out there is I could never find an M-ATX board with this chipset, but that's a small issue.

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