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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
Hopefully we will at least see an end to these crazy data bills.
$50 on local data and $100 on roaming data is still pretty damn high. Especially when the average bill is around $50-60 already.

As far as I can tell, all this stuff is just fluff to make the consumer think the CRTC is actually helping the people. We are still in the dark ages compared to most other developed countries. I don't think anyone else has ever had 3yr contracts to begin with. Let alone the exorbitant prices we pay.

And as mentioned in this thread, the big-three are already devising plans to workaround these "guidelines". Just look at the recent deal between Telus and Moblicity. A player that was trying to drive down prices and increase competition now no longer exists. I can't see Telus keeping the brand alive for long, at least not at the current prices. Pretty sure the Telus CEO has said on record that he will charge the highest amount he can that people are willing to pay. If people would buy a bottle of water for $100, he would sell it at that.
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