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I finallly got Dragonborn, so it's time to start up Skyrim again soon. It looks like I lost my saves though, so I'll have to start over again. Which isn't too bad as my old char had everything maxed out and the game was becoming a little too easy. Maybe I'll keep enchanting and smithing to a minimum to bump up the challenge.
The only gripe I have with Skyrim is the same I have with all the ES games. It always seems like the plot/quests don't really matter and are just a surface of paint put on to cover the fetch/explore/kill quest. I wish they'd take a page from the CD Project Red or Bioware and add a little more plot/substance to their quests and characters while keeping the rest of the things they do spectacularly. Don't get me wrong though, the ES are fantastic games.

I am a little sad that Dragonborn is the last DLC. I was really hoping for a Thalmor war/invasion DLC since it seemed like that particular plotline had so much potential for great story and gameplay. Instead it was 'random thalmor baddie' that plays into a few quests on each major plotline but doesn't really go past a battle or two (College of winterhold for example).
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