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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Warcrimes View Post
thanks, im currently using 3/8 id 5/8 od. im planning on getting a bigger case , im using a Haf-x i think ill get the Corsair 900d. would seperating the loops help? i plan on building for looks and power next time so im considering Watercooling the mother board, cpu gpu first then eventually my ram. i plan on starting with 3 loops, would that help the temps?
3 loops is really overkill!

I don't know what is your setup but here's what I have on my rigs and they are both in single loop

First setup : Ivy Bridge i5-3570K and 2 GTX 560ti...CPU and GPUs have waterblocks...power comes from a single D5 pump and cooled by 2 XSPC RX360 both in push configuration.

Second setup : Ivy Bridge i7-3770K and 2 GTX 670 FTW...CPU, GPUs and Motherboard have waterblocks...power comes from a dual DDC pump (MCP35X2) and cooled by 1 Phobya G-Changer 480 and 1 Phobya G-Changer 360 both in push-pull configuration.

Temps are excellent in the 2 setups.

Watercooling RAM is useless imho but looks good ;)

If your GPUs runs very hot like some GTX 400 series used too or you're doing Tri-SLI...then maybe a dual loop setup would be good.

Sure you can always do a dual loop for the look of it but the temperature gain between a single loop and a dual loop is barely noticeable most of the time.
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