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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Adding a .1 to the 8 is FAR more than a service pack.

A service is generally a mass conglomeration of fixes, updates and such with perhaps some GUI changes.

But going from 8 to 8.1 means they are pretty much releasing a entire update to the OS and didn't want to release it as 9 so they release a .1 update with a new skin :D

If this 8.1 version works well it could mean a HUGE shift.
I'm not so sure, Sp2 for XP was rather massive.

I'm not sold on the .1 upgrade, mostly because from now on Microsoft is going to take an evolutionary path for Windows in the future, more iterative than previous their previous OSes. It means that they are going to keep going with the ideology/philosophy of Windows 8 for the foreseeable future. In the past versions of Windows there have been relatively major changes between OSes. With this concept I dont see any innovation coming quickly, just improvements to whats already there.

Maybe its just because I was placing quite a bit of hopes in Windows 9 ditching metro and going back to the desktop paradigm or at least not investing as much in metro and putting more effort into the desktop again.

Edit. Well Microsoft is proving that they are still morons. The Start Button will be back but will just take you to the Start Screen instead of having a Start Menu attached.

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