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Default Overclocking with Biostar TZ77XE4

I am using a 2500k with this board. Its a beauty of a board and I love it but I am not sure of the best route for overclocking my 2500k.

Anyone out there have any experience overclocking with this board?

If I set a Fixed voltage for the cpu does that mean it stays at the voltage constantly? I have done this already with 1.3v @ 4ghz and it doesn't seem to change in my monitoring software (HWINFO64). When my processor clocks down it stays at 1.3v. Is this normal? Temps are fine either way.
When I had this chip in my z68 board I was able to OC it to 4.8 with 1.38v with nice low temps. Before I attempt to tackle an OC at that lvl with this board I want to be sure I am doing it right. There don't seem to be any guides out there that I can see.

As usual the help is appreciated.
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