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My System Specs


I bought the Titan because I wanted SLi/Xfire level performance in a single card. For me, flexibility is key. If I decide to go with a Micro-ATX setup tomorrow I can use a single, high-performance card more easily than a SLi setup due to heat and power requirements. Also most Micro-ATX motherboards have PCI-E slot arrangements that generally cause SLi'd or Xfire'd cards to be within close proximity of each other, and this dictates that I'd need to liquid cool them with larger radiators than would be feasible in a small case.

I also wanted to use nVidia due to the Lightboost mod I'm using with my BenQ XL2420T, giving me near CRT levels of motion blur. This can be done on AMD with a Samsung 700/950D monitor, but I'd have to scale down the detail level to maintain the 100-120fps I'd need to get full effect.

So far I'm very happy with it, and I plan to try overclocking it soon. I'm also moving a de-lidded 3770K into that configuration so that I can overclock it without the temperature limits imposed by Intel's poor IHS and TIM setup. I plan to try and get close to 5Ghz on a Corsair H80 with this configuration, now that I've received my Liquid Metal supplies.

I can also say my EVGA Titan looks pretty slick in the window of my newly obtained Phantom 820 case because of the lit logo on the top of the heat sink assembly

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