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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Slik View Post
I plan on doing a build with Haswell when it's released. That is,if my buddy Killswitch is up to it. With the rig I have now, built with my buddy,the better way to go for gaming,was with the 3770K.
I'll build absolutely anything you want man!!

Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
$$$$ wise the 3770 is a great option but not the "best" for someone wanting the "best" ;) The X79 Chipset running Multi card platforms IS the best, particularly for the speed of a couple of those bad boys, the additional Bandwidth on the PCI -E Lanes of the X79 is perfect for those Cards to stretch there legs.
Now, with Cards you have, OC that CPU to 4.5 - 4.6 Ghz and let em stretch some more ;)
Anyhow, great Cards, I actually changed my Order from 2xEvga GTX 680 FTW's to Classifieds, still only $1200 and for another $1200 I've got a X79 RIVE and 3930k with 16GB Dominators coming X59 platform is now ahem 4 yrs old!!!

OC your CPU and throw up some benchmarks for us, would love to see the #'s.
At the time I recommended the 3770K because he had a pair of EVGA GTX680 superclocked cards. I didn't know much or had much time to OC his Intel rig to the 9's so I "cheated" and went with the bios preset to 4.2GHz. If climbing higher to unleash maximum performance of his Titans is needed, and if Slik doesn't mind the added resulting heat, I'll gladly take some time to push it hard for some benchmarks.
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