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My System Specs


$$$$ wise the 3770 is a great option but not the "best" for someone wanting the "best" ;) The X79 Chipset running Multi card platforms IS the best, particularly for the speed of a couple of those bad boys, the additional Bandwidth on the PCI -E Lanes of the X79 is perfect for those Cards to stretch there legs.
Now, with Cards you have, OC that CPU to 4.5 - 4.6 Ghz and let em stretch some more ;)
Anyhow, great Cards, I actually changed my Order from 2xEvga GTX 680 FTW's to Classifieds, still only $1200 and for another $1200 I've got a X79 RIVE and 3930k with 16GB Dominators coming X59 platform is now ahem 4 yrs old!!!

OC your CPU and throw up some benchmarks for us, would love to see the #'s.

Firestrike Extreme: 23.772K
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MARK 11: 40.185K

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