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SkyUI is definitely essential. I like the number of items in the game. It lends to the immersion of the series. Learning what to loot and where to sell made the game more interesting to me. Perhaps because the rest of the game doesn't require a lot of thought or strategy. If I recall correctly, Riften is the best place to sell... but it's been a while. I can see how this could be bothersome to someone with OCD though. ;)

I recently started playing again to complete Dragonborn. I enjoyed it and hope they release another significant campaign.

I would love to see an Obsidian take on Skyrim. I think they'd make a much better game. New Vegas is an all-time favourite of mine. I know it's not going to happen though. I feel like the engine has an incredible amount of wasted potential for BG/NWN style quests and stories.
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