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My System Specs


Right now the only thing Microsoft is doing in terms of PC Gaming is DirectX updates... that's about it. No built-in gaming platform or downloadable platform (god forbid Games for Windows Marketplace) that can act like Steam and compete against them.

Heck I would of given it a name and called it Microsoft DirectXXX that'll draw the attention ;)

There's also many ways to improve from what Steam is doing, including that cluster Social section that they have.

1st being that you integrate your Microsoft account to it, not create a new one, that can chat with anyone on any platform it supports (Skype, Facebook, etc.). Also do not have a friend limit or atleast put it higher than Steam's I know some of them who would love to have more friends in their list. INCLUDING OFFLINE MESSAGES! Steam just got this thing working a month or two ago after what? 8 years?

2nd with the Skype purchase, they could offer a audio and video chat optimized for playing while talking or heck put an mini overlay (even adjustable) to any position you want when making a video chat in the game.

3rd, bring some exclusive titles to it to draw the crowd in it. Don't care if it's Halo, Gears of War or something completely different.

4th, Steam Big Picture Mode? Copy it, offer the user if they wish to start it in Big Picture mode by default, most people today have large TVs to plug in their PCs in and since Windows works with Xbox 360 controller by default navigation shouldn't be to hard.

5th, Make it easy for developers to integrate the system in their games, heck dare I say put it in the DirectX libraries as an optional download. Also try not to make the fees higher than Steam's

6th, Xbox Smartglass, could be interesting for Xbox, but you want to sell some Windows 8 you say? Well how about Windows Smartglass? You can use it to navigate the Big Picture mode, do purchases, ask your PC to download games from your workplace (as long as it has Wake-On LAN or something) so when you get back home, poof game is ready to be played. As a matter of fact scrap Xbox Smartglass, call it Microsoft Smartglass so not only will you allow to purchase for your PC but for your Xbox as well. In one centralized and FILTERED (as in Show Xbox only or Show PC only) shop.

Then and only then will it compete with Steam.
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