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Originally Posted by Lpfan4ever View Post

I sense a recurring theme for the next couple weeks.

I'm the same though. I just grab it once it's uploaded. No commercial breaks and no shitty sound cutting out and picture freezing every so often (bad Rogers line to the house the they refuse to do anything about). Now that I have unlimited bandwidth with Teksavvy I don't have to ponder if every single thing I download is gonna put me over my limit.
I sense that Perinineuimn will eventually tire of that winter joke, as it might not have the same traction as his mom jokes. Gotta tread lightly to keep the mods off our backs though with the mom jokes I guess....once the mom jokes start, its a slippery slope to total thread degeneration where we can't stop or help ourselves.

Be careful with downloading stuff though these don't wanna get sued.
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