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This isn't new for AMD or nVidia. The Radeon X2300 was probably the more impactful of the renaming, because it rebranded a DX9 card to look like a DX10 card's name. As for nVidia, there's the good ol' 8800 series rebranded so many times over.

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
The confusion this creates reminds me an awful lot of what I went through trying to wade through mobile GFX options.
I did the same thing looking at mobile CPUs - good thing I did because I found out the A8-4555M is vastly inferior to the A8-4500M. I just recently found that the mobile space has dual-core i7s floating around as well. I'm laptop shopping right now, and I ended up opening enough tabs to compare all the mobile bits that Firefox started compacting the tabs it on a 1080p monitor...
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