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Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
This Shield is simply amazing. Nintendo and other are in Big trouble.
Nvidia unveils Project Shield, an awesome mobile game console | VentureBeat

eh? Reading that.. Android games?

Shield doesn't seem that interesting.

And I would love to see this thing ACTUALLY work...
Nvidia Shield: The new Android games console with a twist - Pocket-lint
"The real trick of the Shield though is to do with the PC. Nvidia has turned the controller into a media streamer for your PC that lets you play games from your desktop on your TV. So your desktop streams the PC game over Wi-Fi to the controller, which in turn plays it over your TV or the 5-inch screen. The controller even runs Steam. Think of it like a Wii U for the PC gamer, making it finally possible to easily hook your PC up to your big screen TV in the living room"