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My System Specs


I had a chance today to listen to the Corsair SP2500 and frankly I wasn't impressed. The satalites sounded tinny stabbing sound with an overly harsh and undefined high and mid range muddle. The sub was a wub-steppers dream as they beat out a neighbour raging hollow and deep undefined rumble. Truly I was dissapointed as I liked many of the speakers features but as my conversation with the salesperson went on he hinted that these SP2500 were more for heavy Bass Rap, Dub step and techno listeners and that a more acoustical clear sounding system might be more what I was looking for. I mentioned the Klipsch proaudio 2.1 and he wholeheartedly agreed that they were by far the superior choice if I could find them. They didn't have any in stock and couldn't even order them in which really made me sad.

I guess I'm going to pull the trigger and buy the Klipsch before they are all gone and not wait for them to go on sale. I would have really liked to listen to them 1st hand but thats not possible as I've looked all over Vancouver Island and none could be found so I'll order them online from Ontario. Hopefully all the glowing reports about them are true.
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