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If you are dead set on having 7.1 headphones, then the phoebus and Tiamat are your best option.

Otherwise, the soundcards are very similar. The Phoebus has a newer model DAC and has 7.1, but doesn't have as good of a rated signal to noise ratio as the STX. They have the same headphone amp. They are the same price, but I would suspect that Asus had to cut some costs from the card to pay for the volume controller, but I can't see that difference in the specs. Also, I've read that some people have had software issues with the phoebus, but I'm sure that will get worked out soon.

For headphones, my friend has the Tiamats and the 7.1 is kind of neat. However,comfort/clarity/volume just isn't anywhere near the quality of the sennheiser PC360s that I normally use. I really didn't like the headband on the Tiamats. Personally I much prefer a good open 2 channel set with virtual surround for games.

Audio is so much more about preference than numbers. If you have the chance I would recommend trying the Tiamats and then trying some quality 2 channel headphones. If you can't listen to them, at least try them on to see if they are comfortable.
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