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Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post

i would SERIOUSLY NOT disable pagefile if you're only on 4GB of ram though. it's just wayyyy too easy with modern browsers to hit your ram max. Personally, I think 8GB RAM with 2GB pagefile is the safest way to go (if you INSIST on reducing pagefile size). really not so sure why people are so picky about pagefile anyways though.
Originally Posted by Galcobar View Post
It's linked to fear that you'll wear out your SSD, since the pagefile takes a lot of reading and writing. When write amplification was high, this was a more legitimate concern. With current SSD management algorithms and a typical client workload, it's not a concern.
If you run a SSD you should be running a 2nd drive beside it for everything else. If you aren't then well your being silly.

I will also 2nd what Generic said.
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