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Default Intel 335 240GB - Missing 40GB

I bought an Intel 335 240GB SSD and I am missing about 40GB worth of space. I installed a clean Windows 7 on the SSD, which took up 10GB. I did not partition the SSD in any way. When I take a look at the 'My Computer' folder, I see two partitions: Local Disk (C), and System Reserved (E). Local disc has 188GB of 223GB free, while System Reserve has 61MB of 99MB free.

My question is how come 'My Computer' says my SSD is partitioned into two drives, where the total space of these two partitions are 223GB when my SSD has a capacity of 240GB (in reality I should have about 235GB). Secondly, if Windows 7 only took 10GB, how come I only have 188GB space left (223GB - 10GB != 188GB).
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