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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
Getting less for same price is crap in my books. I don't care for brand name price jackups. Also if you read around online there are a bzillion ASUS mobo RMA horror stories in USA. I know it doesn't affect us but still.. it just says a lot about the brand.
Who cares if Asus or MSI have RMA issues in Canada/USA most of the people on the forum(who know me) just email me when either fails and I expedite it for them :P haha but MSI builds better boards in my mind then Asus now, same with notebooks.. Asus get off your Best Buy High horse and kick it into gear again and build me some awesome mobo's again.

Go with the 55 or 65 MSI you will be very happy the Z77 Mpower though is all kinds of sexy and super easy to use and setup.

I have lucked out to many of the new Z77 MSI boards but few Asus other then RMA or bug test boards from them which still seemed rock solid.

Both brands are great so now it just comes to personal preference. Almost all boards are good buuuut.. Gigabyte me no like the Byte :P
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