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Default Intel HD Graphics good enough?

Tomorrow I'm going to help my friend pick a nice laptop for school and average everyday uses like internet, youtube, Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc. It won't be used for modern gaming, however he does have Age of Empires (very old game, might be AoE 2 or 3 but it's old I can tell you) which he likes to play once in a while.

Depending on his budget which I don't know yet (but not too expensive, he's not going to buy a 1000 USD machine) I think that I'll recommend either an Intel i3 or i5 processor. My question to you guys is if it's okay to buy a laptop without a dedicated GPU since both the i3's and i5's have Intel HD Graphics integrated graphics and they should be quite good all things considered. Will Intel HD Graphics be able to handle an old game such as the one I mentioned earlier? All recommendations and advice is very welcome.

Thank you all. :-)
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