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There is no way I am going to use the search feature to use or access a program. I install lots of utilities that I barely ever use...I will often browse through my start menu to look for programs I can uninstall, or give a second shot to see if its still useful.

I have some issues with my wrist and shoulder from using a computer too much; Windows 8 required me to use the mouse way too much, and as I stated above, the search function was going to be a pain.

What I need is some new-fangled setup where I can use a mouse to easily navigate all my apps, in one area on the screen in a logical order that does not require me to use the mouse too much. I was thinking something like this:

That said, I will use the best software for my needs. I don't care about the principle of it. Yes, Microsoft should include a legacy option for the Start menu. But I am not stubborn enough to stay away from Windows 8 if it offers me something useful, even if I have to skin Start8 on top of it.
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