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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Here is my issue with the game that is making me not want to play anymore.

I finished the game first run through and then they released the Captain Scarlett DLC which doesn't scale to the first play through and is capped at level 30-31 stuff.

So if I want to play the DLC at a proper level I have to play through the TVHM and then the DLC again.

The game feels so ass backwards to me.
DL gibb editor. Open you save game. Go to the raw tab. Change the playthrough number. Save. Voila. Instant bastard mode with uber hard enemies. Makes the game soooo much better....without all the grinding.

As an added bonus...make a couple orange level guns for yourself. OR even just change the sights / e-tech on legit gusn to what you prefer. Cuts out all the lame grinding. :P
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