Thread: Work in progress Watercooled Prodigy Project.
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Liu Kang: Thank you for the advice about the waterpump. Will do some research into that. As for the PP Prodigy that is actually where I got my ideas from. That and a Prodigy group on facebook.

On the PSU....Today I went ahead and picked up a Seasonic X-760W since I was in the area of Markham. A friend of mine owed me a favor and since I was helping up chose parts for a build I asked him to pick me up one up as "payment". He agreed and now hoping that I can get it to fit without any problems. May have to do some test fitting. It at least LOOKS small enough.

Now just need a 3770K and a good video card ( still thinking 670 for the small size but with the recent ATI Radeon drivers that may change )
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