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Wow ! Thanks for the offer 3.0charlie.I appreciate it !

Technically , there is probably a group of silicones I can use , but I'm no expert and well , momentive is proving very difficult to communicate with.

Here's the rtv656 page :RTV 656

The ideal silicone from my standpoint would be a 1 part , self adhereing , reasonably thick , clear silicone thats capable of withstanding -100C.
However , from what i've seen , all the silicones capable of that temp are 2 part , primer required , thin silicones.Not a big deal really but it will change my construction methods.

If it's the right silicone , I'd need about a pint of the silicone and a 1/4 pint of the curing agent.I can get the primer myself , but I still want to touch base with momentive and make sure i'm looking at the right products , so there is no rush at all.

Thanks again !!

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